About us

Our business operations since 1996

Our company was established 25 years ago by Aleš Hvala who started his entrepreneurial journey by developing and producing electronic devices for testing cable sets. With his innovative solutions, he enabled the companies producing ready-made cables to optimize working environment, gain reputation and competitive edge, and first and foremost to increase productivity and lower their production costs.

Apart from producing testing devices, KENS started to introduce modern technology and assembly of demanding custom-made electronic circuits. The quality of our products has been confirmed by new orders and satisfied regular and new business partners.

Over the years, the number of employees has also been growing, creating a pleasant and creative working atmosphere. We have been following guidelines in electronics development and have been upgrading and improving products and creating new ones.

Kens elektronika d.o.o. - kolektiv
Kens elektronika

Tradition and experience

Our quality assurance, rapid response and adaptability to the buyer as well as the quantities are provided by cutting-edge equipment, know-how, team work, own purchasing, control over installed materials and especially many years of experience.

By providing universal solutions and adapting to individual customers and their demanding requests, we became a competitive supplier receiving orders from high-tech companies and enrolling in different professional co-operation with numerous institutions, such as CERN Switzerland, FAIR (Germany), Super KEKB Belle II (Japan) and projects with domestic institutions (Institut Jožef Stefan, Faculty of Electrical Engineering, …).

The company qualities

Kens elektronika najboljši zaposlovalec

We are among the best employers

In the Slovenian selection of the best employers, we received the title of Elderly-friendly company as the best among small companies and were among the finalists of the Zlata nit selection.

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Our vision

As a company with many years of experience, reliability, stability and professionalism we wish to continue offering the production and development of quality electronic circuits for high tech devices of the future.

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KENS elektronika
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